The Day!

So, the day has arrived! How do I feel? Nothing special as such. Cos it’s not the product launch. Just a showcase. But the attention we have received proves that it is the right time for devices like this. Now suddenly many companies are coming up with the same form factor device. But again providing nothing new. May be a new name, or yet newer operating system. But where is the disruption? And where is the innovation?

When we launch and hit the market, people will see a new way to interact with devices. Adding one more dimension to the interfaces and making people ambidextrous. Ideas in the end may seem so trivial, that we might smile, but fact remains that they aren’t introduced by anyone yet.

“When you know what you want, the whole world conspires you to achieve it”. And this is something I personally believe in.  Last few weeks have opened a lot of doors for us. Got a lot of calls from BIG names who showed support and suggested future collaborations. But it’s a wait and watch game for everyone, isn’t it!

And we are after the same rule. We have some time before we launch. And we want to show, but slowly. CES is the style and ID of the product. Other events would be complete demo of the product on Android. Further events will see more product launches and our innovative UI. And before we hit the market, everyone would know about the innovations we do.

And as requested, there will be a LIVE DEMO as well. But restricted only to either those who we have promised, telecoms or people who matter most to make this dream a reality. Sharing with everyone will leak the ideas and we all know Chinese manufacturers!

As a kid, I wanted to learn a lot of things. Piano, painting, creating objects out of spare parts, SEE molecules, and what not! But I belonged to a lower-middle class family. And getting everything was not possible. But I learned what all I wanted to. And now, I’ve the opportunity to create an enabler which will realise the dreams of kids like me. One device to do everything. And choosing Android was very crucial for the same, cos I cannot be everything. And I cannot design and develop everything. The easy way out was to build on an easy platform which people can adopt and create whatever they want to.

The product will take a lot of engineering effort. But I believe it is required. If something could be done, why not do it. We faced a lot of resistance from the manufacturers about it. But everything has calmed down after the beautiful response. And adding to that, more people are reaching to us sharing about how they want to use and commercialize this device.

Every time I pray, I just say one thing “Make my faith firm”. I heard it somewhere, that’s all we need. And actually, that all I need.


24 thoughts on “The Day!

  1. ok now i am the first one to comment …dont knw wether u guys read these comments or not…i am from hyderabad too and currently studying in noida.
    i was very exited to hear that you guys are coming up with a such a promising device,i can already see the different possibilities and endless limits the device would offer, wishing u guys all the best at ces 2010…..but i want to see the product video asap …i ma very excited…u guys a re every where now all the tech news ppl are talkingabt you and already comparing the notion ink tablet to the yet to come tablet frm apple.

  2. Folks,
    It is easier to create hype in India these days with news-hungry media waiting for any impulse any where.

    I wish this product lives-up to the hype. My best wishes!!

    – Ranga

  3. Rohan, from your post I don’t think you’re looking for hype around the product, but I would love to catch up with you once you’re back in Bangalore. If not a preview, I would love to know what you have in store for us =)

    PS: I work for DNA, Bangalore, write on technology, startups, gaming.

  4. Your dream has already become mine too, I really pray that you outdo Apple and others and make India proud.

  5. as a reader, writer, librarian, (very small) publisher and user of different devices i’m very interested in your ‘Adam’- tablet. also i’m for a healthy market, so i really wish you all the luck in the competition with apple and windows!


  6. So… are you demoing your tablet in the Venetian 7-9AM Friday Morning January 8th, that is, with M.L. Jepsen and his husband Ryan??? I can’t even find you on CES Exhibitors’ Directory! I like how you envision reading devices, but you just sound a little too cagey; I’ll keep an eye peeled, anyway. Surely a least one video or picture set will surface in the course of the next hours/days
    Best of luck indeed,

  7. Hi.

    Your device at the price quoted in the media, will outdo iSlate and the others by a HUGE margin, if you are able to maintain its quality. And for that, I am in full agreement with your plan of muted action.

    And quite frankly, I am VERY excited about Adam and the possibilities it could offer. Also, Its timing could not have been better, just about the time iSlate will debut.

    Good luck with CES 2010, and the product. If you hit this one hard, you are all going to go down BIG with the industry biggies. 🙂

  8. ADAM was said to made a brief appearance during NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 press even. Don’t know if the pic on Engadget is ADAM or not.

  9. Engadget live comments say at one point:

    “1:54PM Now showing a Foxconn device with a custom UI. Flashy, but a little pointless. The Notion Ink device is much more interesting. Seems to have a PixelQi display — you can turn off the backlight of the display and just run off ambient light.”

    At the end they say:
    “2:45PM We’re out, time for some hands-on with these new tablets!”

    Hopefully, some guy will come up with a video of the tablet, if the device is there for a hands-on review

    PS: you won’t beat the Chinese just by hiding your product; you’ll beat them with good business deals with people ready to market, distribute, and mass-produce your design; if you don’t have that then you don’t have what it takes, and someone else will make a deal with Pixel-Qi, perhaps with not-as-good specs as your tablet, but with a real device

  10. Yep, you got a future customer here, unless some reflective tablet comes out first

  11. Oh, one last thing: I think you should make the device change it GUI colours when it goes into full reflective mode, so it looks more like an ebook with its prominent whitish/greyish background with black font. I think I could write a shell script to fix that in my imaginary future tablet

  12. dowee:

    Deal with PixelQi is probably long-since fixed at this point as they already start mass production. And the colors in reflective mode will “automatically” go B/W-ish because of the underlying technology.

    And if you look at the OLPC, there is no ‘reflective-mode-button’. When the backlight can’t compete with ambient light, colors will gradiently look more washed-out until they are mostly B/W. This is due to the underlying HW in the display. So when I open a pdf or want to save power with OLPC, I just deactivate the backlight and continue to work with a b/w screen.

    This also means there is less glare. Instead of annoying reflections, the screen will appear more washed-out but sharper at these points. At least thats my experience with OLPC.

    Its a PITA that we still have to wait several months and even then it’ll probably be available in US or India first…and even more PITA that the situation for ebook-readers is not much better. Lets hope it will not be like iRex, where you get several additional months of delays, broken software and low battery life..

  13. So we can’t see the video of the live demo or anything to do with the product?

  14. This is very exciting… A friend told me about Notion Ink a few days ago – I thought to check this out. I saw the video – the form factor and usability looks great. Eagerly awaiting the SDK.

    Would love to collaborate on how to introduce Adam into business use… not just consumers. Think factory floors, construction sites, fasion designers etc. We have been evaluating some SaaS+Tablet solutions for business use… that would be big in years to come.

  15. @suppandi: what you saw was a prototype, with a different case, not the 3-d render we had seen until the video appearance; let’s wait with our fingers crossed they succeed

  16. Glad to see you guys on Gizmodo. I hope notion ink adam tablet is going to change the ebbok and tablet game play.

    all the best folks.

  17. Hi Rohan..I got introduced to Notionink by a friend yesterday and the whole story has been an amazing experience. You are doing something revolutionary here and I really wish it to go way, way beyond than just a few ruffled feathers for the bigwigs of the game.
    The vision of delivering the “enablers” for the kids is simply great.It can mean a lot to us as a nation.Notionink is doing the country proud and there should be more done to make this the ‘talk of the town’..I mean by now, atleast every engineering guy should’ve been talking about this.That will need some work.
    All the best for the Barcelona trip.

    PS: If its not asking for too much,i wish the story of “how Notionink got its name?” becomes the stuff of legend as in “How apple got its name.?” Thats a neat story there.

  18. Hi! Looking at some of the coverage from CES2010, your product looks really exciting. I just hope it will be receiving a UK/European general release. From what I’ve picked up from techblogs and your website, it looks like a credible alternative to the new iPad, for the price. Very excited to hear more about it!

  19. Congrats, it looks like Apple blew it! 🙂

    The iPad display is not useful for longer or concentrated reading, the OS is restricted and doesn’t even support multitasking. Currently there is not even wireless/bluetooth/3G support. I also see no comparable device on the horizon, Qualcom thinks they can wait until autumn.

    I’ve waited for such a device since I got my OLPC. It took you quite some time but if you play it right, there is still a few months left to win big time.

    IMO you should push it out ASAP. And please don’t overdo the content bundleling.

  20. I am a professor, and I have been considering a tablet to replace my Fujitsu Lifebook. iPad is out since it is nothing more than a glorified iPod/iPhone, but I am intrigued by Plastic Logic’s Q reader. And now this one.

    But, like they say, it isn’t over till the fat lady sings. You may have a really good product, but the battle only starts now. It is all too common for really great technical ideas to be simply outmaneuvered and run down by the legal, business, marketing and government prowess behind big companies with far inferior products.

    Perhaps it is time to put a more business and consumer friendly face? It is perhaps time to stop operating out of a blog rather than a professional webpage people can buy from? I hope you do succeed and get your product out. Till then, wish you the best!

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