And we love it!

Hello All!

We loved the response and appreciation we have got till now. But more is yet to come. Right from more than one product to be there at CES, to the recent patents we have filed, there are going to be more disclosures on the work we are doing. A special thanks to the open source community, nVidia and Pixel Qi, for supporting us and helping us make this into a reality. (Special thanks to slashgear for covering us.)

So, who are we? What do we do? When are we going to launch the product? I know you all have lots of questions.

We see ourselves as the usability firm, one which will always keep the user at the core and design everything. Right now the product which is to come at CES will showcase only Android. But was it not designed for smaller mobile phone? What about those full screen alert boxes? There are lots of issues for Android to be used on the big screen. We are going to fix it, but will not showcase in CES this time. There are going to be a lot of User Interface changes in the final product.

We believe that the ‘window’ concept is gone. The UI which we are using is some 4 decades old, but we are yet to get rid of the folders, hierarchy and drop down menus! All this is going to change. A lot of new user interface ideas are coming. One of the few one which we like are this and this. In fact, TIME’s project Manhattan is an early response to the same. The UI is going to change, because the needs have changed. Now we need our devices not only to browse internet, but also to read the books.

Some of the concept designs have made us smile in awe and in anger as well. Awe because they were able to solve a lot of problems, and anger, cos they were able to showcase it to the world before us. Yet, this new UI needs to evolve. And the community would play a very big role in the same. We are thinking of involving the community in a bigger way, where they get to choose which rules are to be adopted, what UI element makes a lot of sense and what compromises are to be made, if efficient usability is to be achieved.

iPod brought music to life, then videos as well. Soon internet and applications saw the surge. Amazon came out with Kindle. But what’s next? We believe its the media. Newspapers at go. Delivered every morning to your home screen.

We recently went to Taiwan. And to our understanding, and major ODM’s fear, we can definitely say, that Apple IS cooking up something. Even if one of the ODMs is their manufacturer, the fact that their other non-Apple group would suffer is a big burden for them. We talked to all. And we tried to explain them, that product is not going to win the next generation of computing device race. It’s the CONTENT. We tried our hard to make them realize, when Apple launches their product, they will have a very beautiful device, the best UI which a tablet can feature, and to support all that, one of the best content delivery systems (their recent acquisition are big hints). All this would again usher a big group of people making application for them. And then again the normal product manufacturers would be left.

We are not going to do to this mistake. That is why we have already made quite a few collaborations, and many more are in the pipeline. We would release our own SDK later next year for the bigger screen application development. We would help the open community as much as we can, so there is already lot of content there, before we hit the market. Designing on Android if way easier than on any other OSes.

We have a comments section on the website, would love to hear from you. And love to answer your queries. You can also mail us at info AT

43 thoughts on “And we love it!

  1. I am looking forward excitedly to the products you are going to display at CES.

    While the tablet form-factor is not something which has caught the fancy of a broad consumer base yet, I think there is definitely a lot of scope for a non-laptop form factor device.

    Some of the yet-to-come-to-the market devices which have recently caught my attention are the Microsoft Courier tablet and the Entourage Edge e-reader. These are the closest that we can seem to get in experience to actually holding a book in our hands. This will definitely be very interesting for the consumer in the market for a eReader.

    With your PixelQi collaboration, are you looking at any such dual screen foldable devices targeted at the eBook reader market?

    I know we will get an answer at CES probably to the next two questions, but couldn’t resist asking: What is your target selling price for the tablet covered in SlashGear ? Is the touchscreen capacitive or resistive?

  2. (meant to post this here, not in the other article)

    I just saw your device on slashgear. Looks very interesting, and very close to my bullet list of an “ideal mid-range device” ( I’m hoping you’re going to be ready for market soon … I’d love to buy one of these.

    But, some questions:

    1) how much RAM?
    2) how fast is the CPU?
    3) Will you support USB keyboard/mouse/trackpad (ie. KVM switch)?
    4) it’s not clear if you have a real GPS, or just using wifi/cellular assisted pseudo-GPS.
    5) when are you expecting to go to market?
    6) slashgear says there’s an expected $300 price tag … any ideas from you?
    7) When WHEN WHEN!? 🙂

  3. The Pixel Qi screen will sell this item to me as long as the device is in the netbook-priced realm. I love reading online articles, blogs, and ebooks, but I hate the current E-Ink tech available (and the price point it is at).

  4. You made us an proud Indian. I keenly follows tech market though not a tech guy but only account of interest. Never came across with an Indian name and now a niche product not only developed by Indians but in India. Great going mate and best of luck to you and your team. I promise to buy when it is first available in India.

  5. Sorry for mistakes in last one..

    You made us a proud Indian. I keenly follows tech market, though not a tech guy but only on account of interest. Never came across with an Indian name and now a niche product not only developed by Indians but in India as well. Great going mate and best of luck to you and your team. I promise to buy when it is first available in India.

  6. Since you don’t link the article directly and its not on the front page I did not actually find it the first time and was confused by your link. Here it is:

    Main question: When can I buy it?

    I’ve waited for something like this for the last 2 years, I have no netbook since they are all cheap shit and no eReader since it they cannot do reasonable web+ssh.

    Second question: Water sensor, WTF? Is it water proof? The specs are *amazing*. A-GPS, WiFi, 3G, matte robust pixelqi touchscreen…battery life is quite good for this size and featureset. I want to have it…I pay you double, no problem… ^^

  7. Great work…Love to see your product competing with all the world players… You will set a bench mark.

  8. Honestly, a simultaneous Indian launch of a Made In India product would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  9. Just don’t be TOO innovative on the GUI side. That was the main reason for OLPC to fail.

    The safest bet would be a dual setup with Android + Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

  10. @Soltesza
    Ubuntu doesn’t handle screen rotation properly, on a touch screen device (it only rotates the display, not the input coordinates, so everything gets out of sync).

    IMO, best to just stick with Android, and a fairly straight forward Android. Let the device shine for itself :-}

  11. Gook luck guys. The packaging does look appealing. I’m waiting for your launch in India.

    However, I think following attributes would matter the most
    – Weight. Though 1.7 lb is less than a kg (unit I can understand), it still is about twice the weight of say Nook which itself is slightly heavier than Kindle. I believe, its the PixelQi’s technology which you can’t do much about.

    – What is the target market. Bring out variations specific for a target market. Say for e-reader (with fast page turning), the weight differential would be important. If you reduce the current form factor (10inch), may be you can reduce the difference in weight.

    – UI. Please don’t go overboard with the innovation. With the default package, keep a known UI. Let the open-source developers innovate with your _guiding directions_.

    – Price. You need to be careful here. Apple and Sony did not become niche brands overnight. The brand development takes time. You may try two brands, one servicing low price markets and the other niche markets. Point is, you have to have low price (or at least decent price) offering if yours is a new brand. How you cultivate your niche brand (and cull the low price brand) is upto you in future.

    – Do not ignore India and China and both needs low price devices. Currently, just like old-days Hollywood, the new gizmo developers are ignoring these two markets, delaying their launch by an year or two. This is your opportunity. There are techno geeks (in India and China) willing to acquire such latest gizmos, either buying in black market or buying in US through their relatives, sometimes even willing to pay obscene custom duty. The number may be low but its important you acquire the mind share here. When the niche players come knocking, their offering would then look outdated and that’s how will have your brand built up, at least in India and China. That’s the lesson from South Korea.

  12. Congrats for a good step.I just got your news floating around about your new tablet. Just few ago I noted death of crunchpad and upset but you guys popped me again.

    You may pay in huge if you made a small mistake:Why?
    After reading your news on web i tried to find your website but not lucky and spent for few mins in hunting your website. Your news release showed every where your company as “Notion Inc” which leads to or .
    But a few mins hardcore hunt I found you at

    Hope you guys will take some care in future news releases.

    Thank you

  13. Please do NOT reduce the screen size. After several years of trying multiple mobile device sizes, the thing I’ve been really looking forward to in the last 6 months is:

    And Android tablet in a 9″ or 10″ form factor.

    The EnTourage eDGe will almost fit that (10″ screen, but in a dual-tablet clamshell format), and the ICD Vega/Ultra Tablet family will have an 11″ model (so, slightly too large). So far, the only one that is “just right” is the proposed design for the Notion Ink Smartpad.

    The Notion Ink smartpad is _exactly_ what I want (and what I think the market needs): a 10″ Android tablet. Please don’t mess that up by making it smaller.

  14. Both are Linux, so both can do it if configured correctly. I agree on the OLPC comment however. Its better to outsource the whole ‘develop the perfect GUI/Apps’ thing and just deliver some custom apps/configuration/drivers where needed. Its just too much work to re-invent this wheel.

  15. Its heavier b/c this is a full-blown computer. And with Android(Linux+fancy GUI) its highly flexible. Typical eBook-Readers cannot do anything but display documents. They are much more integrated since rendering PDF is the most computationally expensive operation they have to run.

    I just hope that
    – its available soon…weeks, not months pleeeease!
    – that is has the DCON used for OLPC to retain the display content while in suspend. When used as eReader, this will make it much more competitive with eInk-style devices

  16. Hi,

    Could you please correct the grammar in your last sentence in the first paragraph? It says “Also to slashgear for cover us.” IMHO, it should, at least, be corrected to: “Also to slashgear for covering us.”

    Not to mention the structure of the sentence itself. If you’re really willing to go global with your marketing, I suggest you employ a proofreader for all your public post as it will take you a long way with native english speakers.

    another IITian.

  17. Hi,

    I have been lookin for an indian hardware startup for nearly 6 months but all I came across was some software mostly services company. Why dont you buy google adwords or something like that which will make you more visible.

    I just hope that this makes the westerners look beyond outsourcing,call centre image of india and positions it as of the original technology giants.Also pls launch it in inida.

    just curious to know which hardware patents have you filed

    Hope notionink turns out to be India’ Apple

    Good luck

  18. Hello! Are you planning to make a community of beta-testers and provide testers with pre-release editions of your upcoming Android tablet?
    Other companies, like Zii EGG and Archos do it for mutual benefits of both company and testers/ third-party app developers.

    I’m an experienced Android user, a beginning developer, and a big fan of Android OS. I’m currently supporting an ‘Unofficial Android Non-Phone devices’ Google Wave.
    I’d be happy to participate in a beta-testing of your Android tablet.

    Vladimir Kelman
    Android Non-Phone device

  19. Good praise for attempting to create a new market segment, which—of course—will sit nicely between the smartphone and the laptop, just like netbook.

    As for the markets, we have all been bound to create U.S. centric devices which—let’s face it—is controlled by name brands as Apple and sorts (in the niche players) and by HP, Dell, Asus and Acer (on the lower end).

    My best bet would be to have a dual focus:

    1) BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India and China) + Latin America countries ==> focus: low cost, direct sunlight reading, differentiated prices according to geography. (avoid measurements in English rules)

    2) U.S. + Europe ==> focus: novelty, user interface, chick factor, etc.

    Remember that second market is the toughest, overcrowded and in slump. But if the American customer likes it, it can be a hit anywhere.

  20. If I understand correct, the major contributor towards the laptop weight are battery and the LCD screen. I could be wrong though.
    Hence I mentioned of reducing form factor to reduce the weight.

    I think what PixelQi has done is to fuse LCD and e-screen together to achieve its unique property, at the cost of additional weight and extra power consumption.

    It would depend on what different market such multi-purpose device can cater to.
    I’ imagine:
    – smaller device towards primarily e-reader + light browsing
    – medium/larger device as reader + full fledged communication + light computing device
    – large screen device as a media player

    However capable the configuration may be, I still can’t imagine this being a full-blown computer due to its lack of conventional keyboard (which, ofcourse, could be attached externally at the cost of portability).

  21. We @ The Knowledge Foundation ( a not for profit society) continuously scan the start up space to showcase innovation in Indian Entrepreneurs at . We would love to have your participation at our forthcoming edition held at Mumbai ( financial capital of India). If you guys would be interested pls mail me or call us . Happy New year 2010 !

  22. Good luck guys. Very eager for this product to take off.. You guys do india proud.

    Another one of those IIM guys

  23. Dear Rohan,

    I would like to invite you and the Notion Ink team to join ATCLE Thursday January 7th in Las Vegas for a Cocktail Reception during CES.

    ATCLE leads the 3PL industry by focusing on Last Mile Logistics and Back Again. We provide our clients a variety of services including Kitting, Forward and Reverse Logistics and Test & Repair solutions. Utilizing our robust IT infrastructure, activated Foreign Trade Zone and Transportation Management systems we apply a “one fits one” mentality to each solution we create with our customers.

    We recognize the innovation in your concept and would like to discuss creating world-class distribution, packaging and test and repair solutions to aid Notion Ink in its pursuit to revolutionize mobile computing.

    Wishing you a prosperous and Happy New Year.

    Charles Dunton
    Inside Sales Manager
    ATC Logistics and Electronics

  24. I really like the Mag+ Concept tablet, as well as what I’ve seen from Microsoft’s Courier. Apple does an outstanding job of combining form (hardware) with function (software), and I’m looking forward to their solution as well.

    The issue I have with Apple is that they’re a CLOSED system — they want all content going through the App Store or iTunes. Period. That’s why I’m leaning toward open, browser-based solutions, such as the Android. Too many closed-systems like the Kindle and iTablet will cause further fractioning in the publishing business.

    I think the publishing industry needs to get behind open standards, instead. They need to embrace open Web Dev languages; XML, HTML5, Javascript, and CSS… not C++ and other such proprietary languages. Web Dev, combined with touchscreen functionality, is the ONLY solution that makes sense for multiple devices.

    HTML5, javascript, and CSS can create the Mag+ Tablet…they just need operating systems and browsers to display the data, as well as a ubiquitous, OS-agnostic (read: Internet) delivery system. But will content be stored in the Cloud, or managed locally by software like iTunes (read: Apple vs Google).

    The publishing industry just needs to decide together that touch-based, single screen/page layouts are the wave of the future, and start providing multimedia magazine content — video, text, pictures, audio — blended together for a true interactive read, written in open web dev standards for any touchscreen hardware solution (Kindle, iTablet, Android, etc) to display.

    This is the future.

  25. Apple’s iPhone based products are closed. Their Mac based products are not. And the rumor is that the 10″ Apple tablet will be more like a Mac than an iPhone (the rumors of an Apple 6″ or 7″ tablet, however, are more iPhone/iPod-Touch oriented).

    On the scale of “open vs closed”, the Mac is FAR more open than anything Microsoft has ever put out. To mention both, and then only criticize Apple’s closed systems, is rather disingenuous.

    Though, if you like the Courier, you should look at the EnTourage eDGe. Similar format (dual panel tablet, 10″ screens).

    Though, I’d rather have the Notion Ink’s single PixelQi display, than 1 e-paper and 1 lcd (the eDGe’s plan). The eDGe also lacks any video-out. Those are my two reasons for leaning toward the Notion Ink device right now. Though, if the Notion Ink device were to drop below a 10″ screen (as one person suggested), I’d go back to leaning toward the eDGe.

  26. i am very happy to see that u guys are coming up with a wonderful device . I am a very big fan of apple and apple’s way of designing them .

    i d like to mention a few things which we young indians would want to see in any device which comes to change the way we think about internet ,mobility ,usefullness ,and practicality.

    1. the device u r tallking about is a mobile device…so it should have a decent batteey life which helps it be a truely practicle device.

    2. we all know that resistive touch screen technnology is gone and its time to get into capacitive touch screens which are much more reliable and responsive.

    3. the connectivity options are good ,including an option for a sim card is a smart move,but i d suggest you guys to build tie ups with network providers too which would help you a lot in terms of better reach and sales

    4. the most important factor in the indian economy is the price…if this thing is priced well ,then considering the market and users now..your device will surely win the hearts of many.

    CV Sunil kumar
    IM tech Nanotechnology
    Amity university,noida

  27. I appreciate your work and concepts, and wish you a good luck.I am eagrley awaiting your product and will buy it.I also wish you will make best use of IT infrastructure available in Hyderabad.You could collaborate with institutes like JNTU,IIT-Hyderabad,BITS-Hyderabad to train skilled individuals.There many venture capitalists and firms based in Hyderabad and you can find investment commimg in your way easily.You can take help from IT task force created by government to keep your work going during bandh time.We wish to see many products from you in the future and make India and Hyderabad proud.
    best regards,

  28. This is awesome. I strongly feel that the only growth driver is real innovation. India has talent of all kinds: technical, managerial and now most importantly entrepreneurial. When all this is combined with funding and passion nothing else matters.

    This is how it works here in United States: You get an idea, do market research, get people great with the required technology and testing skills, pour in money , market it and there you are !! And the software processes at most companies here do not conform to either CMMI or Six Sigma and other models. Its basically and process that works for the team , the product and in ensuring timely delivery!

    Good work !! Way to go !!


  29. Cant wait to see some startup matches upto Apple’s thought and also beats it in race. It comes from India!!!, if that even makes the news at CES I think Notion Inc made it. Pretty soon there will be more hype around this and that will try to break the startup in many ways, do you think early endorsement from some giants will come to rescue. Clearly biz plan, collaborations, roadmap and patent info will put a right face up at the event and beat the heat with right vigour. Geeks are prone to fall around this tricks.
    ~KM SFO, CA

  30. All the Best!!! This will be the right platform to prove to the world that India is good at Hardware also.

  31. Best wishes!

    As a technology enthusiast, I wish to express few thoughts.

    A core Game UI designer/developer can make lot of difference in usability aspect of your device. Very few products/application have used the core potentials of Opengl ES. Such developers can change the Game of the very devices we ever known.

    With Android OS you have the flexibility of customizing your core interface by exploiting the GPU layer of Nvidia tegra processor. I find enormous change in Graphics capabilities of games/animation movies in every release, but its not that consumer mobile devices.

    The only game changer in recent times was iphone. All the other devices/platforms more or less following the same design pattern. Already your device display has edge over other tablets or ebooks readers in the current market, any tweaks to the usability aspects can create real competitive edge over the devices.

  32. Don’t get so wedded to the idea of content DELIVERY (“And we tried to explain them, that product is not going to win the next generation of computing device race. It’s the CONTENT”) that you forget that we (the public) are becoming more and more content creators, too. We are no longer satisfied to sit back and passively wait for content to be delivered to us, we want to interact with the content and create the content. We want to collaborate, not merely consume.

  33. Is the Adam going to be tethered to a telecom provider?

    I saw a newspaper article speculate that for India it would be “subsidized” by telecom providers. Please tell us that there will be untethered versions available. We can do without the crappy restrictions Indian telecom providers will inflict on users in their grip.

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