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Posted in 1 by Rohan Shravan on December 19, 2009

Hello All!

We loved the response and appreciation we have got till now. But more is yet to come. Right from more than one product to be there at CES, to the recent patents we have filed, there are going to be more disclosures on the work we are doing. A special thanks to the open source community, nVidia and Pixel Qi, for supporting us and helping us make this into a reality. (Special thanks to slashgear for covering us.)

So, who are we? What do we do? When are we going to launch the product? I know you all have lots of questions.

We see ourselves as the usability firm, one which will always keep the user at the core and design everything. Right now the product which is to come at CES will showcase only Android. But was it not designed for smaller mobile phone? What about those full screen alert boxes? There are lots of issues for Android to be used on the big screen. We are going to fix it, but will not showcase in CES this time. There are going to be a lot of User Interface changes in the final product.

We believe that the ‘window’ concept is gone. The UI which we are using is some 4 decades old, but we are yet to get rid of the folders, hierarchy and drop down menus! All this is going to change. A lot of new user interface ideas are coming. One of the few one which we like are this and this. In fact, TIME’s project Manhattan is an early response to the same. The UI is going to change, because the needs have changed. Now we need our devices not only to browse internet, but also to read the books.

Some of the concept designs have made us smile in awe and in anger as well. Awe because they were able to solve a lot of problems, and anger, cos they were able to showcase it to the world before us. Yet, this new UI needs to evolve. And the community would play a very big role in the same. We are thinking of involving the community in a bigger way, where they get to choose which rules are to be adopted, what UI element makes a lot of sense and what compromises are to be made, if efficient usability is to be achieved.

iPod brought music to life, then videos as well. Soon internet and applications saw the surge. Amazon came out with Kindle. But what’s next? We believe its the media. Newspapers at go. Delivered every morning to your home screen.

We recently went to Taiwan. And to our understanding, and major ODM’s fear, we can definitely say, that Apple IS cooking up something. Even if one of the ODMs is their manufacturer, the fact that their other non-Apple group would suffer is a big burden for them. We talked to all. And we tried to explain them, that product is not going to win the next generation of computing device race. It’s the CONTENT. We tried our hard to make them realize, when Apple launches their product, they will have a very beautiful device, the best UI which a tablet can feature, and to support all that, one of the best content delivery systems (their recent acquisition are big hints). All this would again usher a big group of people making application for them. And then again the normal product manufacturers would be left.

We are not going to do to this mistake. That is why we have already made quite a few collaborations, and many more are in the pipeline. We would release our own SDK later next year for the bigger screen application development. We would help the open community as much as we can, so there is already lot of content there, before we hit the market. Designing on Android if way easier than on any other OSes.

We have a comments section on the website, would love to hear from you. And love to answer your queries. You can also mail us at info AT

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  1. Ganesh said, on December 19, 2009 at 04:16

    I am looking forward excitedly to the products you are going to display at CES.

    While the tablet form-factor is not something which has caught the fancy of a broad consumer base yet, I think there is definitely a lot of scope for a non-laptop form factor device.

    Some of the yet-to-come-to-the market devices which have recently caught my attention are the Microsoft Courier tablet and the Entourage Edge e-reader. These are the closest that we can seem to get in experience to actually holding a book in our hands. This will definitely be very interesting for the consumer in the market for a eReader.

    With your PixelQi collaboration, are you looking at any such dual screen foldable devices targeted at the eBook reader market?

    I know we will get an answer at CES probably to the next two questions, but couldn’t resist asking: What is your target selling price for the tablet covered in SlashGear ? Is the touchscreen capacitive or resistive?

    • Prasad Pinn said, on December 5, 2010 at 19:22

      Wonderful to see Adam!!!

    • prabhuraj49 said, on December 7, 2010 at 01:57

      ya really waitin fr it:)

  2. johnkzin said, on December 20, 2009 at 06:37

    (meant to post this here, not in the other article)

    I just saw your device on slashgear. Looks very interesting, and very close to my bullet list of an “ideal mid-range device” ( I’m hoping you’re going to be ready for market soon … I’d love to buy one of these.

    But, some questions:

    1) how much RAM?
    2) how fast is the CPU?
    3) Will you support USB keyboard/mouse/trackpad (ie. KVM switch)?
    4) it’s not clear if you have a real GPS, or just using wifi/cellular assisted pseudo-GPS.
    5) when are you expecting to go to market?
    6) slashgear says there’s an expected $300 price tag … any ideas from you?
    7) When WHEN WHEN!? :-)

  3. Jon Fabritius said, on December 21, 2009 at 01:19

    For an interesting modern UI concept, take a look at Stripes:

  4. Will said, on December 21, 2009 at 06:34

    The Pixel Qi screen will sell this item to me as long as the device is in the netbook-priced realm. I love reading online articles, blogs, and ebooks, but I hate the current E-Ink tech available (and the price point it is at).

  5. Deepak Shaw said, on December 21, 2009 at 16:30

    You made us an proud Indian. I keenly follows tech market though not a tech guy but only account of interest. Never came across with an Indian name and now a niche product not only developed by Indians but in India. Great going mate and best of luck to you and your team. I promise to buy when it is first available in India.

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