Decades of Delays

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible, is by going beyond them”
– Arthur C. Clarke

Evolution is slow. And what we humans create, is a part of it. And follows the same principle as the nature itself. “There are innumerous possibilities. And the ones which are chosen to become the part of the system are governed by the conscience of the universe.” This is what is the underlining principle of Quantum Physics. And it is applicable every where.

In the case of universe, the conscience is ubiquitous. Every choice is the collective decision of every atom, electron, mind, everything in the world. But that’s not the same in the case of the direction of technology we see is progressing. The reason is monopoly and its restrictive dynamics. We are here to break this monopoly. We are here to give people a new vision. A new leader. And our efforts will show our potential. There will not be followers, but co-founders.

There is a huge delay in terms of the enabling tools we see in the market. One of the major reason is the lack of different visions. Different to create competition. Different to challenge existing rules. And different to catalyse innovation. When firms become big, they lose connection with general but new needs. They force people to adopt and adapt. Its inevitable and will cause problems for us as well in future. And right now we would love to be in such a situation.

What we are going to present is something which we always thought will come one day. We have been waiting for it since long. And the reason it is still not there is not difficult to understand. Its a huge challenge for the established players to bring changes for which they need to re-adjust. Re-adjusting is risky, costly and leads to unknown futures. Quite understandable.

But, we are New and Young. We, are the change.

3 thoughts on “Decades of Delays

  1. first!

    sorry couldn’t help myself, i am amazed to see how far you guys have come, from 3 comments per posts, to over 2000, it is truly amazing, you must be so proud

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