Days are not far.

The days are not far when any common product will be a marvel of engineering, implementing the software capability at the hardware level. In fact, many market trends suggests that this is already happening. Not only this will take the indirect load off the processors, it will reduce power usage, faster products and will give unimaginable enabling power to the common user.

This trend is right now in the ‘reverse engineering’ mode. Softwares and other applications (GUI) are currently being developed specially taking advantages of the power of the hardware, say GPU for instance. Putting load directly on the hardware and making applications independent of the incumbent OSes. But this reverse engineering method is limited to the astuteness of the programmer who for a matter of fact, does not represent the community of hardware designers or driver writers.

The tipping point is about to be reached and there will be larger symbiosis between hardware and software. In exact words, hardware designed specifically for applications. A perfect example in this case would be Jazelle. Expect the hardware of the future specially designed for taking care of specifically, say GUI. Expect the future screens made up of transistors and not pixels, with its own memory and clocks. With billions of transistors already on the minuscule silicon chip, it is not a matter of complexity as it is about adoption and vision. Future is always brighter and innovative.

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