Innovation is Revolution

What we are looking for is, giving the user the complete freedom to define the basics and not the industry leaders. Till now simple things like document editing, managing numbers and making presentation are considered art. Something which you learn, by practise. But, do the current tools actually make things easier for the general user? Shouldn’t the systems be designed for the 99% general users and not for the expert 1%?

We are also hoping to change the way we view the concept of “mobility”. Its not being able to take you laptop  or netbook in and around your home or office for some 2-3 hours. It is being able to use the devices when you are travelling in trains, cars, while sitting at coffee shops, while eating at McDonald’s. “True Mobility” as we define is a wireless experience for hours which outperform number of hours we can use it at a go. We define it as a always on, always connected and an always enabling device.

We are going to change the form-factor of the devices which will come after us. We will usher a new understanding of what we actually need. Our research will prove that innovation in its exact sense is, revolution. A solution to the problem of adoption of the idea. A Notion Ink.

10 thoughts on “Innovation is Revolution

  1. Wow!

    Thank you for this Jerry Maguire-esque Mission Statement, Rohan. Compact, precise, intelligent, perfect!

    I can’t believe that I’m the first to comment on it (after 1.5 years).

    With many obstacles, it looks like your vision is about to really come true.

    Hoping to have an adam in my hands soon.

    Many thank yous,


  2. Hello Notion Ink,

    You asked what we wanted, you suggested how it could be improved, And we talked together and improved it even more

    For this, we wish you,
    All the best, Always!

  3. Today is my first day on your blog, i’ve seen an iPAD used yesterday, and got my hands on kindle today, i hope you can make both the world meet…

    your write up is awesome, hope it materializes to every word being written …
    all the best.

  4. Came back to the first post just to see where it all started again. Cant wait for that red cape to be removed :):)

  5. At the risk of sounding like an ass-

    Great to see that people from IIT are capable of doing things they are supposed to do (rather than selling soaps, shampoos, derivatives and pompous promises!)

    The spec sheet looks awesome – the UI is brilliant but the best part is the battery life – incredible! And I thought nothing could beat the iPad (waiting for one of those iPad versus Adam facedowns on Cnet!)

    Disclaimer – I am also from IIT selling one of the things mentioned above 😛

  6. right NI. Make it real. Make a good RELIABLE draft 1. THEN we are talking. You have the instrument, and you have the idea. It’s no use if you don’t use one to make the other real. Until then, wish u the best!

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