The Return of Newton

Hello there,

This is the space where all our thoughts will go in while making the product for which we have dedicated our lives. Welcome to Notion Ink. A place where ideas are transformed into reality. We are realising dreams and working towards the notion of achieving “complete convergence”. A world where where technology works for us, in the background. Where the resources are at our disposal and notions gain shape without any wait.

The ย market is getting saturated with prodcuts which we thought will bring convergence. They are everywhere. And you cannot distinguish between anyone of them. Every manufacturer is coming up “yet one more product” to share a pie. In one of our favorite book, it is written “It’s a terrible thing to see but have no vision”. And we dont find any of these products being backed by any vision other than being a part of crowd and get as much as you can in that cheap sale. Everyone cannot be Apple.

We all remember Apple for one of the most famous commercial everย The Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl Commercial. Notion ink is working towards making 2010 special. 2010 will see a product with a vision. A vision to take users through a series of products towards “Total Convergence”. We find ourselves fortunate that we have “enablers” in terms of technology and people who will form the soul and backbone of our firm. As compared to completing a challenge, realising a dream adds innovation, creativity and soul into anything we do. Notion Ink is realising a dream.

14 thoughts on “The Return of Newton

  1. hi let mine be ur first comment for ur r first post.was going through every post once again…….The only book i read was Harry Potter but that too only once….but this blog it`s 2nd r 3rd time…….

  2. Notion Ink Adam is shaping up extremely well…
    Reason to comment on this first blog is just to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and ‘vision’ put in by Rohan and his team over the last year and half..the journey to which began here.
    Going by the buzz..cant wait for December 9th.
    Keep the innovative work on Rohan…hats off!!

  3. From the first to what might be last you have kept a great number of people very entertained.

    Congratulations Rohan and the guys at NI.

    All the best with the possible launch : )


  4. Wishing great success to Rohan and everyone at Notion Ink with the 1st product release and many more to come!

  5. got the email …in spam folder!!!!

    but it says that I can use only VIsa and I use Masterdcard…why Rohan …why ?

  6. Just commenting in this older post to see which smileys work here…



  7. Hey Rohan “We all remember Apple for one of the most famous commercial ever”
    what are we making for Adam?

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