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Adam II Benchmarks

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Dear All,

Check it out on:


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Merry Christmas! Adam II now starting at 13,499

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Dear All, 

Thanks for your tremendous response! Your response has helped us scale up efficiently and bring prices down! 

Check out more details on our new blog: or website:

Merry Christmas!

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We’ve moved

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Hi everybody,

We’ve moved! Please check out

Best Wishes!

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ImShakti, an Emergency App

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NextBigWhat – Notion Ink Launches imShakti Emergency App, The Smartest Implementation So Far

Notion Ink has launched a safety app imShakti which assists users in emergency situations. The application once installed can be utilised in emergency situations. On pressing the Power button 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds, imShakti will send users’ location as default message to their listed emergency contact at that time and convey that the user is in need.


All you have to do is set a/some emergency contact/s and your phone will send them an Emergency Text Message (SMS) with a preset message. If your phone can find your approximate location, it will be included as part of the Emergency SMS (download link: imShakti app)

If your location cannot be found, the Emergency SMS will be sent without your location and the phone will continuously search for your location. When it does find your location, another SMS will be sent with your location details.

How does imShakti App Works…

Read the rest at NEXTBIGWHAT

Yes, we are back! :)

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Camera and More

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For a change, it’s not Rohan here. Work on Camera is still a WIP. Code for the camera libraries are closed source with NVidia and getting around the camera sub-system is taking longer than expected.

Having said that, if you are waiting for the camera update, voicing at Tegra Forum might help though most of the questions are either deleted or never replied. Here is one of the dev for Adam voicing for support, but even the last suggestion suggests to move on to OMAP

As the lead for the sw, it is extremely important for us to make sure that the roadmap doesn’t break anything on Adam 1. The only option (and better one) was to opt for RenderScript.

RenderScript is hardware independent (though can be tweaked) and development on RS will make sure that Adam 1 stays in SW support for at least 2 more years.

RenderScript and SVG are going to be in out focus for next two-year here at Notion Ink. Below is a very small sample of RenderScript rendering an A3D model of simple sphere, with Earth Map (from Nasa), bump map created using GIMP, couple of lights and animation (not obvious from an image).

Frankly sharing anything on development on next versions of Eden doesn’t make sense till the camera issue is resolved. That’s the last piece of puzzle, and if you can help sport your voice on that forum, possibly we can fix things faster.

As an ex developer of a leading brand you all know about, it is really fascinating to even absorb the idea of how community has made more than 200 ROM variants for Adam. Unlike Adam 1, there will be no short-cuts for 2. If something not working, it won’t go out. Our roadmap is built for next 4 years, so there will be speed differences. But one thing is clear and that’s what I bring here at NI, great products needs stronger fundamentals, and that’s what we will build first.

Last words on the next generation SW approach. We are approaching the era of micro-apps. Every app cannot be tuned in for a particular user. A doctor may have 15 years of formal education and 25 years of practice, but when it comes to sw, he can’t possible build one. But if see clearly, IDEs and APIs like Android SDK and iOS SDK have worked till now to ease the development of the programmers to attract more developers, making things sometimes as easy as making a “task flow” like an accountant would do, “refer” a value in one cell of a sheet to another cell. There is a truck load of information yet to come, but first things first.



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